Special Offers

Discuss all your reintroduction questions with an expert dietitian for only £25 / $35

If you need some professional expertise to help support you through the reintroduction phase of the low FODMAP diet this may be exactly what you have been looking for.

Not everyone will need or want to have a full and often costly dietetic appointment for reintroducing FODMAPs. Which is why we provide a special option of an hour long Skype Q&A session with Lee Martin MSc RD the author of ‘Re-challenging & Reintroducing FODMAPs’ and expert dietitian in reintroducing FODMAPs for only £25 / $35.

 Reintroducing FODMAPs skype-consultations-half-priceReceive a full dietetic consultation on the reintroduction phase of the low FODMAP diet via Skype for half the price of a face to face consultation.

There is no difference in the treatment we offer through Skype compared to seeing us in person. Skype just costs us less and we pass those savings onto you! Therefore our Skype consultations are offered with a 50% discount.

Book a Skype consultation by emailing info@rmdietetic.com or complete the contact form below.

Reintroducing FODMAPs SKYPE Q&AFull consultations on the entire low FODMAP diet or just the reintroduction phase are also available via Skype or face to face.

For further information and to arrange a Q&A session or full dietitian consultation email our company on info@rmdietetic.com

Alternatively just provide a few details below and we will get back to you.