The Book

The low FODMAP diet has been a revelation in helping reduce the symptoms of IBS. There is now an abundance of information available on the restriction (elimination) phase of the low FODMAP diet but little to help with the more challenging reintroduction phase. Most of the information on how to reintroduce FODMAPs is only available to registered dietitians and researchers.

Although nothing can better the professional advice from a dietitian, not everyone has access to dietetic services. That’s why this book was created; to incorporate dietetic skills, research knowledge and personal and practical experience to produce the first ever book dedicated to Reintroducing FODMAPs.

The book is available in both paperback and Kindle editions.

Reintroducing FODMAPs Paperback EditionReintroducing FODMAPs Kindle Edition

What is included in the book?

* A detailed description of the two processes you can use to re-challenge FODMAPS in a systematic way, and reintroduce back into your diet for long term self management of your IBS symptoms.

*A complete list of high FODMAP foods for introducing, detailing what FODMAPs are found in different quantities of these foods. This will help you understand what types of foods contain one or more FODMAPS.

* An extensive FAQ at the end of the book answering common questions that people with IBS and health care professionals have asked about the reintroduction phase. The answers are based on years of practical dietetic experience and research evidence.

* Practical tips to advise on long term self management to make the process simple and effective. This practical advice is tried and tested by the author and many individuals who have completed the low FODMAP diet.